About Us

Company Profile

Pure South Ltd is a totally owned and operated New Zealand company marketing Calcium Bentonite Clay from the mineral rich plains of Southland, New Zealand.

Our focus is to supply natural therapists, independently owned health shops, individuals with the highest quality Calcium Bentonite products.

To support our product we supply researched information so that consumers can make an informed choice as to how best to benefit their wellness.
To share peoples experiences and stories with the view of having continuing education to help people worldwide.
Pure South Ltd is committed to being New Zealand’s premier supplier of Calcium Bentonite products for external and internal use.
We have been in operation since early 2010 and are committed to eco-friendly extraction and complete sustainability from our deposit in Southland, New Zealand.
From extraction, drying, crushing, sieving to packaging through to distribution Pure South Ltd have complete control to ensure quality in all areas. 100% pure, 100% natural product of New Zealand.


Founded by two families in Southland, New Zealand in 2010.
In 2009 we researched and started personal use on a daily basis of our product. May 2010 we began producing 360g and 120g packs of our “living’ clay.
In December 2009 developed the first New Zealand encapsulated Calcium Bentonite Detox mineral supplement using a vegetable capsule. Taps approved PP9260.
In January 2012 we organised a website offering a retail site. We are also developing a body care range and an Equine Mineral range.

Mission Statement

To provide optimal health for people using our “living clay” products resourced from our New Zealand deposit.
Our Pure South clay is recognized as the highest quality energy rated resource in the Southern Hemisphere.
Our passion is to give people worldwide a natural product that enhances optimal health


The Team


Allan and Noreen Thomas


Allan is a co-founder and CEO of Pure South Ltd. I have a background of over 20 years in nutrition and natural fertilizers. To be able to offer this one simple solution to a broad range of health challenges is the most gratifying cause I have undertaken. The experiences that I have personally had with consuming the product daily since November 2009 – the people I have met and talked to in the natural health industry – has truly been a remarkable experience. I believe Calcium Bentonite to be one of Nature’s finest gifts allowing us to enjoy excellent daily health.

Noreen has over 20 years experience in health and wellness and is an avid organic gardener. My role in the company is the support person for Allan who does all the sales.  I do the appointments, systems, bookkeeping, secretarial aspects of the business. We are now both in our 60′s and enjoy mountain biking, skiing and fishing.

We wish you good health and would love to hear your stories after using our product.



Neville and Margaret Bryant

Neville is a co-founder of Pure South Ltd and together with Margaret have spent their whole life on a large family farm. My interest in natural fertilizers and animal health goes back many years. My belief is that the answer to all modern health challenges begin with the health of the soil. My belief led me to research and understand how beneficial Calcium Bentonite can be for human and animal health. My role in the company is to extract, dry and prepare a premium product.

Margaret has 15 years experience in the nutrition industry. is a passionate gardener and together they operate a tourism business in Queenstown.