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Our Customers Say...

  • Clay Benefits


    "I have been taking Pure South now for over 3 weeks. Over this time I have decreased hip pain, increased range of motion & improved sleep. I exercise regularly & am feeling the benefits of Pure South in my routine."

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  • Clay Masque


    "I use and recommend the Pure South Clay Masque to relieve acne along with the associated redness and swelling. It removes excess oils from my T Zone as well as being a great spot treatment for any skin eruptions including boils."

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  • Cured Rash & Great For Kids


    "I bought it for my kids under 5. One of them had terrible rash on his cheek for about half a year. After started to using this, the rash is gone! Not just blocking the sunlight, gentle and nourishes skin, too. Love it. Thanks!"

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  • Period Pains


    "Ever since my first period at age 12 I have had extreme period pain. For the first time ever and I had only been taking Pure South clay for a month I didn't even know I had my period."

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  • It's Made Such A Difference


    “I have been using the clay daily for 2 years. I have my clay with milk first thing in the morning. I used to suffer from very painful joints in both hands but since being on the Clay this has disappeared."

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